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Marking Territory

February 23,2012

Wes Moore’s brother Tony asked Wes where he was getting the money from because Wes was buying expensive things. Wes told him he got it from Djing. Tony then said to Wes no you did’nt. Tony knew what Wes was doing because Tony was their at one point. Tony was also upset because Wes was his younger brother. Tony told Wes that I know im your brother but that doesnt mean be like me just because im like an idol to you. Wes still argued with him saying he got the money Djing. Tony got fed up with the lies and punched Wes in the face. Soon after Tony had punched Wes their mother got involved and she did not believe what tony was saying. The more Tony talked about it the more convinced she was…but all she wanted to do was surpress the thoughts away. Wes’s mother decided to check his room the next day while he was at school. She looked under his bed and found boxes. She then pulled them out from under the bed then looked inside. She was diapointed by what she had seen…she thought Wes was better than this. She dumped the drugs down the toilet then flushed them. When Wes had returned home from school he noticed the boxes on his bed and knew for sure that he got caught. At first Wes was scared and didn’t know what to say to his mother. Then he thought how am I going to pay back the money I owe for all of the drugs. He then called to his mother and yelled at her. His mom didn’t care that he had to owe so much money. She was really hurt Wes could have had his family arrested just because the drugs were in his house. He should have thought about the consiquences.
1.) I think tony is being hypocritical because tony was a drug dealer.
2.) Wes’s mother had every right to flush the drugs down the toilet, because Wes could have had his mom in jail and him and his brother would be put in placement or juvenile hall.
3.) The teacher had no right saying that about one of her students it was disrespectful
4.)The policeman were smart about handcuffing Wes but they most certainly should have contacted his mother because that’s his guardian and she has every right to know what her son has commited


1) Do you believe that you are judged based on the school you attend? Depending on the area and city because not everyone has the same styles and likings.

2) How would you feel if it took you an hour and a half to journey to and from school? I would get tired of the distance. I would look for a school that was closer to home.

3)How would you imagine living in a metropolis? I would feel lost because i am used to living in a small city.

4) My style was getting too plain for all of the kids at my school so I did some upgrading.

In Search of Home

In chapter 2  the other Wes Moore talks about his main friends from when he was young. Their was a friend of his that he was close too and his name was Woody. Woody was an influance on Wes. Wood was a good friend who would help Wes out. One day Wes, “whiteboy” and woody wanted to play football with some neighborhood kids,and they had a bad encounter. Wes got agressive with one of the boys because Wes wanted to play to win. Wes kept getting in the boy’s face and he would shove him. The boy got fed up with it and punched Wes in the face. Wes was upset and ran home to get a knife. Woody ran to look for him and noticed he was looking in a drawer. Woody saw that he grabbed a knife and was in panic. Woody was trying to tell Wes that he is making a bad decission and woody was trying to stop him. Woody noticed it was too late when Wes went out the door running looking for the guy who had punched him. Woody then went home so he didn’t get into trouble. Wes was running and in his head he was telling himself to stab the boy and he kept telling himself how strong he was. Their was a cop car at the field where they had played football because one of the boy’s gaurdians had called the cops. Wes looked at the cop car and Wes was now standing infront of the boy who had punched him he tried stabing the boy but it was too late the cop had already had Wes. I think Wes could have solved the situation better. Wes not has a bad view on him and that impacts him for the rest of his life. His family is probably shunning him for his rash decision. He may think now that he has made a really bad decission but you cant change the past.

My name is Jodi Emmel and I’m in 12th grade. I’m in Mr. Campbell’s 3rd period English class. We are currently reading The Other Wes Moore. It is a story about two guys with the same names but they both have their own story. They have different perspectives on life. They are two different people. They have experienced drastic things in their life. They both have a lot of similarities but they also have different views from one another.Wes Moore’s father passed away when he was a child. His father died of acute epiglottitis.  The other Wes Moore didn’t see his dad until he was a child because his father abused his mother. Wes’s father also was addicted to drugs and was intoxicated most of the time. Wes’s mother knew it was time to leave him so she took Wes and left. Years later he saw his dad…at first he didn’t know who the strange man was he was. He was puzzled wondering who is this man in my house? Finally moments layer Wes’s mom looks to Wes and says Wes meet your father. I wonder what was going through Wes’s head. If I were in his shoes I would question to myself  why did my mother wait so long to introduce my father to me? What did he do to make her feel this way towards him?