My name is Jodi Emmel and I’m in 12th grade. I’m in Mr. Campbell’s 3rd period English class. We are currently reading The Other Wes Moore. It is a story about two guys with the same names but they both have their own story. They have different perspectives on life. They are two different people. They have experienced drastic things in their life. They both have a lot of similarities but they also have different views from one another.Wes Moore’s father passed away when he was a child. His father died of acute epiglottitis.  The other Wes Moore didn’t see his dad until he was a child because his father abused his mother. Wes’s father also was addicted to drugs and was intoxicated most of the time. Wes’s mother knew it was time to leave him so she took Wes and left. Years later he saw his dad…at first he didn’t know who the strange man was he was. He was puzzled wondering who is this man in my house? Finally moments layer Wes’s mom looks to Wes and says Wes meet your father. I wonder what was going through Wes’s head. If I were in his shoes I would question to myself  why did my mother wait so long to introduce my father to me? What did he do to make her feel this way towards him?