My grandma has always been one of my idols. She didn’t like the name she was given so she went by her middle name Mae it quite suits her. She practically raised me. She always gave me motivation to follow my goals. She always gave me good advice. When I was thirteen she taught me how to sew and cook. Every valentines day me and her would bake a cake. Ever since she passed I feel life is different. Her death felt so surreal to me sometimes I feel so lost and alone in the world. Although I feel her presance is still with me. I wish I went to the nursing home the night she had died to say goodbye. Their isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t think of her. She brought a lot of life and love into our family all the time even through bad days. She is what motivates me everyday. I’m going to college for a career I feel is destined and my family supports it.  I also had never been on a plane. Nor do I plan to ever step foot on one I’m terrified by them and I hate heights. I really enjoyed this chapter because it made me think of a lot of things that influence my life. If it wasn’t for me making a mask in the fifth grade, I wouldn’t have concidered movie makeup as a career. I also sculpted a few things and I knew I wanted a career from it. Music is a big part of my life I feel it expresses how I feel but I knew it wasn’t a career for me unless I become a violinist. I’ve always wanted to learn how to play the violin and one day I shall and I will be very proud because its something I have wanted to do since I was seven years old.